W. A. King


W. A. King, Jeff Mirocha, Mystery Man
Wendy A. King


Performed at Sunol Jazz Cafe live with Mystery Force - Jeff Mirocha on six string bass, Mystery Man on electric guitar. Inspired by a visit to the east side of Mt. Shasta.


Petals drift in space, journeying post-floral

etherial material whose exponent was mortal


While the black ops are reverse-engineering UFOs

I am taking flight through a rose


'Cause I saw your face through a closing portal

so I kept in pace and went non-local


On the lonely side of the mountain, took a drive

at the blizzard curtain, I arrive


With the wingspan longer than the Valiant that I drive

by the displaced air, they arrive


And their wings sang louder than the gravel 'neath my tires


They sang ah ah ah...