Wendy A. King

The Igloo Effect

Written by Wendy King. Acoustic guitar and vocals by Wendy King. Jeff Mirocha, six string bass. Mystery Man, electric guitar.
copyright 2008 Waking Music


Performed at Sunol Jazz Cafe live with Mystery Force. Inspired by the experience of sleeping in my Valiant on Mount Shasta and waking covered in a foot of snow.


studies have shown more is unknown than we thought

sensory overload 

drive in the moonlight up a dirt road

i don't know where to go

turn off the engine watch the snow

ah ha... ah ha...


i dreamt i flew with crows

up though the treetops i arose

but then before i awoke

i was taken prisoner let me go let me go


a ha ...


and in the day i flew away i flew away


studies have shown

more didn't know what they bought

i slept all through the night

under a blanket thick and white

a blanket that kept me warm yeah but

roll down the window greet the morning


ah ha...