W. A. King

Therein Sanctuary

W. A. King
Wendy A. King


Recorded and engineered by Duane Gordon using Garage Band at his home in Livermore, CA.


The surface sparkles in the sunlight

and with the stars come the ducks and the loons

the laughing lake laps at their feathers, yeah, and it's


There in sanctuary there's no undertow

and I get high just being in the know


Surrounding mountains are watching the horses

running through the new fallen snow

flakes refracting in the sunlight, yeah, and it's


There in sanctuary I have come to know

the joy of kicking up delighted snow


the prairie dog and the golden eagle

never have to meditate

on the om in their wyoming, no, because


They're in sanctuary - they already know

the freedom in the grasp of letting go

I see sanctuary there within your eyes

infinitely deeply loving skies