W. A. King

Wear And Tear

W. A. King, Jeff Mirocha, Mystery Man
Wendy A. King


Performed at Sunol Jazz Cafe live with Mystery Force - Jeff Mirocha on six string bass, Mystery Man on electric guitar.


Once upon a summertime

a winter springs and falls

before I noticed it at all

watching tiny crabs

living claw to mouth

this wear and tear has sent me south


Sailing to Avalon

the coast is free and clear

but they say "You can't get there from here!"

well, I've made cells divide

an oyster makes a pearl

I'll make an oyster of my world


But after pressing flesh and pulling Gs

the master-stroke is still eluding me

and even with the settings on default

my universe is grinding to a halt


On a starry night

I look up at the sky

and to this day it makes me cry

but howling at the moon

the things I'm grateful for

I feel my feet against the floor


But consequences came from every word

that's ever been spoken, thought or heard

and consequences came from every deed

like fruit that's bearing out and dropping seed